Astrology and Covid-19

cellsThe world was made aware of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) by the Chinese authorities in January 2020. By March it was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. Hundreds of thousands are infected. Countries have locked down. The fragility of a society dependent on imports, extended supply chains and just-in-time deliveries has been revealed. Shortages, bankruptcies, panic buying and fear are widespread. In the UK the public have been told the state of emergency could last a year.

The astrology for 2020 (see earlier blog) shows a prominent role for Uranus in world events. Uranus is the awakener, the sender of lightning flashes of illumination: ‘It is the planet of individuation and Utopia. However, because the personality has no intention of waking up (to the reality that we are infinite consciousness experiencing physical life on earth) it is Uranus’ job to do just that. He has a shocking reputation for upsetting any apple cart. In that sense expect 2020 to upset the political, economic, religious and or social cart’.

What we are experiencing now is very Uranian. On a personality level, change is always upsetting. On a super-conscious level, Uranian change advances the spiritual journey. In both astrology and the kabbalah, Uranus (Chokmah) is associated with light and enlightenment: the wisdom that comes from understanding the eternal truths, including the laws of karma (the Lord of Karma is Saturn). Transformational change (cellular and structural) is the realm of the Dark Lord, Pluto (ruler of DNA, the deep subconscious and viruses). Both Saturn and Pluto are aligned in Capricorn (which stands for the establishment: governmental, financial and power structures) and implicated with Uranus in current events. Mars moved into Capricorn on the 16th February spreading fear and panic. Mars has twin moons: Phobos (Fear) and Deimos (Panic). Jupiter is also in Capricorn. He expands and exaggerates all he touches, in this case existential angst.

Uranus and Pluto are in a titanic battle. On an esoteric level this is a battle between Light (Uranus) and Dark (Pluto), on that rarefied level, they both have a valuable role to play in evolution of the physical and devolution of spirit. The flames of conflict are being fanned by Mars. Uranus seeks individuality, imagination, freedom of expression and free speech, and on that strong psychological foundation a humanitarian (Utopian) global society can be built, resting on civil rights, celebrating cultural differences and promoting equality and liberty. Revolutionary principles. Pluto works in mysterious ways. He is not what he appears to be. In the Kabbalah he is a gateway to multiple dimensions: from the highest to the lowest. At the bottom end he is the power-mad plutocrat, he is the destroyer of genetic integrity (as the ruler of plutonium and radiation), the spy-in-the-sky and spreader of disease. At the top of the Tree he works tirelessly to undermine and slowly but surely destroy structures that abuse power, that enslave, exploit and subtly deceive. However, to succeed, he requires humanity to wake up, see the light, and set themselves free. That’s where Uranus comes in.


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