Bach Flower Remedies

What are the Bach Flower Remedies?

Dr Bach photo - yourguidinglight.orgThe Bach flower remedies were developed in the 1930’s by the renowned physician, medical researcher and bacteriologist Dr Edward Bach. He felt that traditional medicine only treated the disease and not the cause, which in his opinion was a grave mistake. He then devoted much of his life to researching into the negative states of mind, which he believed were the root cause of illness. Dr Bach identified 38 basic negative states of mind and he homoeopathically created a plant, flower or tree based essence for each one of them.

“There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness” – The Original Writings of Dr Edward Bach

In his day, his unorthodox way of working was not acceptable to traditional medicine and he was often threatened with losing his licence and was almost struck off the medical register. He was so determined to have his remedies accessible to everyone no matter what, that he was prepared to risk all. If he were still alive today (he died in 1936) he would be overjoyed to see that his remedies are available over the counter almost anywhere in the world and that his five remedy combination ‘Rescue Remedy’ has become a household name.

“All we have to do is preserve our personality, to live our own life, be captain of our own ship, and all will be well.” – The Original Writings of Dr Edward Bach

Bach botttles and flowers - yourguidinglight.orgRecent research into the links between emotions and the immune system supports the view that emotional and physical health are linked. More and more medical experts now agree that a healthy mind really does ensure a healthy body. This new approach is taking us away from strong pharmaceutical drugs, toward more natural, non-habit forming preparations which gently assist the body in mobilising its own internal healing capabilities. Using the Bach Flower Essences can help you take control of the way you feel, balance your emotions and help you to fulfil your potential. Get more out of your life – you can use this completely natural way of healing for all round emotional wellbeing. Bach flower therapy can help with a variety of emotions and feelings: anxiety, fear, sadness, grief, resentment, jealousy, lack of confidence and self-esteem. The flower essences are a subtle yet powerful way of working with blocked emotions.

Mount Vernon - yourguidinglight.orgDoctor Edward Bach spent the last two years of his life at Mount Vernon near Wallingford in Oxfordshire. Mount Vernon is now the centre for the Dr Edward Bach Foundation.

Practitioner logo - yourguidinglight.orgChristine is a Bach Foundation registered practitioner. Bach Flower Essence consultations are available in person, by telephone and by post. Please ask about current prices and special offers.


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Please note: The Flower Remedies do not replace good medical diagnosis and treatment. It is suggested that you seek the advice of a trained health care practitioner wherever necessary. Bach Flower Essences can be used as a complementary approach in conjunction with traditional medical treatments.

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