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The astrological chart for The New Year 2020

The New Year 2020 - yourguidinglight.org

The Numerology

2020 provides the background frequency for the year ahead, according to the rule of Pythagoras the year resonates to the number 4 (2+0+2+0= 4). Its vibration affects us collectively and individually. Astrologically number 4 resonates with Uranus – the Awakener…to reality, and ruler of Aquarius.

The theme of 4
Physical plane: the practical root of all things manifest.

Earth: the four elements, the four seasons. In Native American mythology when the Great Spirit smoked his peace pipe he blew the smoke to the 4 corners of creation.

Plato taught that there are 4 states of mind. The lowest, and the one we are all born into, he compared to a prisoner in a cave who only sees the shadow of things projected onto the walls and because as yet he knows no better thinks they are real. From those thoughts he formulates beliefs (the second state). The third state of mind requires the ‘prisoner’ to develop logic and critical thinking. The highest state Plato called Intelligence; when through logic, intuition and imagination the mind is free of its ‘chains’ it perceives the cause behind the shadows/effects. The individual now has access to ultimate truths, is enlightened, and can discriminate between the real and illusory. Read more

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