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Why would you come for a consultation?

The first time you have a consultation you could be at a turning point or crossroads, or you could be feeling dissatisfied with your life as it is. Maybe you are just longing for a change or a new direction. You might have an important personal or business decision to make and you need some clarity.

Are you ready for a change? Do you want to know when you have the best options?

Consultations available

Astrology: Your personal astrology chart provides you with a unique framework, enabling you to gain a better understanding of yourself and your place in the world. Become aware of your planetary patterns and cosmic cycles, recognise what’s coming and how best to plan for it.

Numerology: A numerology reading reveals the underlying meaning behind the numbers in your life and enables you to understand the connection between your numerological patterns, your character and your life path.

Life coaching: Having a life coaching session can help you to establish your prime motivations and confirm your talents and abilities. Become aware of your greatest challenges and how to solve them. Learn how to shift negative habit patterns and move towards a life of inspiration, motivation and joy.

Tarot card readings: A tarot card reading can restore your sense of purpose and meaning and confirm where you are in your life. Your personal Tarot card spread will reflect images and deeper meanings of events past, present and future. You will gain new insights and be able to make informed choices on many different aspects of your life.

Bach flower essence therapy: A personal Bach flower essence consultation provides a unique opportunity for each individual to align with their true self. This mind-body system will gently restore a sense of wholeness and balance by tempering negative emotions, such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision. Flower essences are a safe, effective means for bringing about positive life changes.

Consultation prices range from £30 to £60 depending on what type of consultation is requested. Please ask about combinations, discounts and special offers.

Tuition: Personal one-to-one and group tuition is available for Astrology, Tarot and Bach flowers. Courses are available in person or over Skype. Please contact me for more information and pricing.

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