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Wembley -

The Sun is the most important planet in the horoscope as far the authentic self, the life path and destiny is concerned. It is also most important in the career of a player or coach. Its relation with Mercury (how we think) is also important as tactics are involved. Although thinking in a competitive match can be a disadvantage. Too much thinking creates tension in the body, stress levels increase, energy levels decrease, and so do performances. For a player to fulfil his/her potential, they should be relaxed, automatic and instinctive in their play. They should be able to sense the flow of a game and anticipate danger and opportunity without thinking about it. It has been shown that the primitive, reptilian, part of the brain becomes active in a competitive match. The part of the brain that initiates the ‘flight or fight’ bodily response comes under the rule of Mars, the god of war. Mars rules the physical body, the musculature, stamina and courage.

My research has found that the position of the Sun and Mars in a horoscope indicates how a player plays the game and how successful they can be (see Football Aims for the Stars and The Astro-logic of Winning Football). But because football is a team sport how successful they will be depends on other influences including compatibility with team mates. In addition the team may be picked by a teacher, a coach or a manager. Success may therefore depend on whether there is the right ‘chemistry’ between the player and a possible total stranger.

With the right coach and the right team mates players usually do fulfil their footballing dreams. Knowing your astrological profile is valuable in all walks of life but for team sports it is vital. For example, George Best was a genius and David Beckham was an outstanding prospect yet as youngsters both were unappreciated by their local clubs. They had to travel many miles, to Manchester, to achieve their goals. Best was born in Belfast and Beckham was from London. There are several reasons why that was so but crucially it was down to coaching rather than their ability: neither Best nor Beckham’s local club coach was on their astro-logical wavelength. Manchester United was different: Matt Busby (Sun Gemini) took Best (Sun Gemini) under his managerial wing whilst youth coach Nobby Stiles (Sun Taurus) took a shine to Beckham (Sun Taurus) and guided his career. Busby and Stiles also put the right players around them. Players who intuitively understood what they would do. This gave them and their team mates an advantage. Being part of a winning team builds confidence and initiates a virtuous cycle.

Telepathy is normal not paranormal
(Professor Rupert Sheldrake)

The astrological signature of telepathic combinations and high performing teams relies heavily on the position of the Sun and Mars in the horoscopes of key players. Whilst the Moon has an important role in team building (through emotional bonding) in this brief summary we will only consider the Sun and Mars.

Guardiola -

In the 2018/2019 season Manchester City won the Premier League title with the following players in their first team squad:

STONES Sun Gemini
LAPORTE Sun Gemini
WALKER Sun Gemini
B SILVA Mars Gemini
GUNDOGAN Mars Gemini
FODEN Sun and Mars Gemini
MAHREZ Mars Gemini
AGUERRO Sun Gemini
MENDY Mars Gemini

In the summer of 2019 they signed:
CANCELO Sun Gemini
RODRI Mars Gemini

Are there any negatives associated with having so many Sun/Mars Gemini players in a team? Yes, one of the challenges such a team faces is the prospect of all of them being off form at the same time: which requires forward planning.

Notts Forest - yourguidinglight.orgWhat about a team on a tight budget?
At the start of the 2015/16 season bookmakers made Leicester City 5000 to 1 to win the Premier League: in other words for a £1 stake you would have won £5,000. Astronomical odds because no one expected them to win: they didn’t have the best players or the finances to compete with elite clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Spurs or Arsenal. However, they had astrological cohesion:

SIMPSON Sun Capricorn
FUCHS Mars Capricorn
SCHLUPP Sun Capricorn
DRINKWATER Mars Capricorn
ULLOA Mars Capricorn
VARDY Sun Capricorn
OKAZAKI Mars Capricorn

Leicester didn’t have the best players or the best facilities. They did have the best team. They started winning and kept on winning and won the title against all the odds!

In 2015 I was contacted by an Icelandic coach who had read my books, Football Aims for the Stars and The Astro-Logic of Winning Football. He had applied the methodology and found that his team’s performances significantly improved. He wanted to learn more. Sponsored by the Iceland government he flew to London for a meeting. When he went home he met the national coach. It may be a coincidence but Iceland fielded the following players in 2016:

SKULASON Mars Gemini
GUDMUNDSSON Mars Gemini Sun Scorpio

Iceland knocked a star-studded England out of the European Championships. The England manager was aware of what could be in store at the Euros as I had written to him in advance. I received a polite reply saying that Mr Hodgson had a seventy-strong backroom staff, including sports scientists and a leading sports psychologist who was a consultant at Liverpool FC. It wasn’t appropriate to say that I had given presentations to the Performance staff at Liverpool and they appeared to be applying astrological principles successfully to team building. It may be a coincidence but soon afterwards they signed Virgil van Dijk.

VAN DIJK Sun Cancer Mars Leo
LOVREN Sun Cancer Mars Leo

When England won the World Cup 21-year-old Alan Ball was Ramsey’s Man-of-the-Match:

Sun Taurus | Mars Aries
STILES Sun Taurus | MOORE Sun Aries
J CHARLTON Sun Taurus | HURST Mars Aries

Japan -

In 2011 Japan won the Women’s World Cup with the following key players:

SAWA Mars Libra
ANDO Mars Libra
IWASHIMIZU Sun Libra Mars Aquarius
OHNO Sun Aquarius
MIYAMA Sun Aquarius

England Women have a core group of players who individually are as good as the very best in the world. In 2019 Lucy Bronze was voted UEFA Women’s Player of the Year: an award given to the female considered to be the best player in Europe during the previous season.

Nevertheless, England were knocked out of the 2019 World Cup by the USA, beaten by Sweden in the match for third place and a couple of months later drew with Belgium then lost to Norway.

The USA went on to win the World Cup 2019:

MORGAN Sun Cancer
RAPINOE Sun / Mars Cancer
MEWIS Mars Cancer
DUNN Sun Cancer

Sweden 2 v 1 England
Player of the match: Sweden’s Sofia Jakobsson.

SEGER Mars Taurus
BJORN Sun Taurus
LINDAHL Sun / Mars Taurus

England lacked cohesion especially in defence:

TELFORD Sun Cancer Mars Leo
BRONZE Sun / Mars Scorpio
HOUGHTON Sun Taurus Mars Aquarius
BRIGHT Sun Leo Mars Libra
STOKES Sun / Mars Sagittarius
WALSH Sun Aries Mars Virgo