Astro-locality and Astro-cartography

Natal astrology helps us understand our Selves. The traditional horoscope maps out major life events and timings. Astro-locality and astro-cartography maps where events and experiences will happen: such insights complement a traditional horoscope reading by identifying those areas that can either support or hinder us on our life journey.

Astro-lines have particular meanings derived from planets in the birth chart. Usually, Sun lines indicate places where we shine. Mercurial locations are good for communication and commerce. Mars lines show where we assert our individuality and are especially supportive of competitive pursuits and occupations. Many footballers have enjoyed acclaim on their Mars lines. Many promising football careers have faltered on Saturn lines, and many players have suffered serious injuries on their Chiron astro-locality lines.

Belinus and Michael Mary Line -

People particularly sensitive to subtle, earth energies will find the places where their astro-lines intersect major dragon lines have intense experiences there. The chart below, of a person born in Leeds with their Ascending Venus line crossing the Belinus ley line on the Isle of Wight found the island so harmoniously energising that they now enjoy living and working there.

Astrocartography Venus line -

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