Alan Ayre

Alan Ayre - yourguidinglight.orgI worked as a Chartered Landscape Architect for 20 years writing environmental strategies for local government and implementing land restoration and habitat creation initiatives in the former coal mining areas of northern England.

I am an esoteric astrologer with a diploma from the White Eagle School of Astrology and a Pythagorean numerologist with an interest in sport. I spent 10 years researching the apparent anomalies in personal and team performances in football and found the link between optimal performance and astrological signatures. I recorded my findings in ‘The Astro-logic of Winning Football ‘and ‘Football Aims for the Stars’.

I have advised players and coaches from grassroots to European Cup-winning and international levels on how to apply the methodology to increase participants’ enjoyment of the game and optimise their performances.

My latest book, ‘50 CENTIMETERS, the shortest journey you will ever make, and the longest’ (publication date 2020), based on a series of meditations and transmissions, is concerned with overcoming the barriers to self-actualisation and realisation of the soul’s purpose.