The Full 50 Centimetres - yourguidinglight.orgTHE FULL 50 CENTIMETERS
The shortest journey you will ever make – and the longest

50 Centimetres? is roughly the distance from the head to the heart, from the personality to the individuality, from the collective to your sovereign Self. The first part of the book considers the main obstacles to self realisation – schooling, finance, politics, and belief systems. In the second we show how meditation, plus a little knowledge of astrology, numerology, kabbalah and wordplay is enough to break free of the collective consciousness, raise your self-awareness, and align to your individual life path. See more here.

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Winning Football -

The Astro-Logic of Winning Football (and how giant-killings and Cup upsets happen)

“I don’t always pick the best players” – Alf Ramsey, England

Published in 2015, Astro-Logic has become the textbook standard for progressive coaches and players interested in furthering their careers. This book explains in detail how winning teams are constructed astrologically. It also clears up some footballing ‘superstitions’ such as, why players believe they have lucky and unlucky grounds. Buy on Amazon


Football Aims for the Stars -

Football Aims for the Stars
(published in 2010, by Matador)

“There are many paths to success, you have to do what fits your personality” – Marcello Lippi, Italy

Real success in football, as in life, comes when you understand yourself and have the courage to be true to your Self. However, because football is a team sport it is more difficult to fulfil your potential. In this book the 12 basic player types are considered with hundreds of examples to help players and coaches understand themselves and each other. Buy from Amazon

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