Lighthouse - yourguidinglight.orgThis website aims to illuminate your path to a self-realised, fulfilled life. With a focus on astrology, tarot, numerology and vibrational ‘Bach flower’ healing, we aim to support you on your life journey. We offer information, consultations and channelled insights, to better enable you to fulfil your destiny. However, it was never an easy journey.

I am not devaluing your thoughts, just do not mix up
what you think with what actually is…
(otherwise) you will not understand what your life truly is.
Taizan Maezumi

Avebury - yourguidinglight.orgWhen we are born we appear to be one person but we are not. We are two – the outer personality and the inner, authentic self. Knowledge of astrology and its correspondences with numerology and vibrational healing helps us understand our selves, and align to our life path. It shows why we incarnate and why, here. The Ancient Wisdom reveals the timing of fated events and gives a context within which we can exercise freewill. Astro-locality shows where the experiences indicated in the horoscope will play out if we are being true to our Self and following our inner-tuition. On the Sports page there is an introduction to the art of astro-dynamic team building; how, by applying astrological principles teams are ‘over-performing’. In ancient Rome astrology was kept secret from the masses; today, it is an open secret why astrology is kept on the fringes of society, as Osho said:

No society wants you to become wise;
it is against the investment of all societies.
If people are wise they cannot be exploited…
they cannot be forced into a mechanical life to live like robots.
They will assert their individuality

Tree Painting - yourguidinglight.orgEverything is energy in various states of vibration. When the frequency of the body falls below a certain threshold we are open to opportunistic infections. Dr Bach devoted his life to the study of the emotions at the root of diseases and identified flowers and plants resonating at the appropriate frequencies to support the body’s innate healing processes.

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