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Lighthouse - yourguidinglight.orgThis site aims to help you find what you are looking for. It is not always easy to find what makes us feel happy and fulfilled. Indeed it is not always easy to know what we really want. What brings us true joy. Sometimes when we get what we think we want we find that it wasn’t what we expected and we start over again. Looking for what, where, and how? If that rings true for you, then read on.

Avebury - yourguidinglight.orgThe ancient wisdom teaches that the heroic journey to that elusive something, that something that everyone is looking for, whether consciously or not, starts by finding your inner, authentic self. Becoming self realised is the first goal in life and everything else then follows. You may say that does not apply to you, that you are intelligent, well educated and have the certificates to prove it. You think you already know who you are. Ironically, the more schooling you have had, the less likely you are to know yourself. You may know your place in society, you may understand the education system, the consumer society, the post capitalist era we have embarked upon and you may even know your personality. You may have gone through psychometric testing and counselling, but if you haven’t found what gives you joy then you haven’t connected with your higher self and are not aware of your soul purpose and destiny.

None are more hopelessly enslaved
than those who falsely believe
they are free.
(Wolfgang von Goethe)

Tree Painting - yourguidinglight.orgWhen we are born we appear to be one person, but we are not. We are two. One is asleep the other is awake. One is bound by the material world, the other is eager to transcend it. One likes knowledge, the other seeks the truth. One is the personality, the other is the individuality. We are born into a personality and if it is unaware of the individuality then it is like living on a ship with no captain. Identity is an issue.

Unless the unconscious is brought to consciousness
it will run your life and you will call it fate.
(CG Jung)

In the following pages we will consider some aspects of esoteric wisdom that will help you understand your personality and individuality: from astrology and numerology to meditation, kabbalah, reiki and subtle energy works.