Consciousness is a frequency and all frequencies can be reduced to mathematics and number. Pythagoras taught his students that ‘Number was the substance of all things. All human beings have a specific number…it’s essential vibration determines their being and the whole of their life: their destiny and their path in life…’  He called it our ‘Ruling Number’. It is arrived at by adding together the numbers in your birth date until you have a single digit, unless the sum is 10, 11 or 22.

For example:

JF Kennedy, born 29th May 1917: 2+9+5+1+9+1+7= 34. 3+4= Ruling Number 7

Florence Nightingale, born 12th May 1820: 1+2+5+1+8+2+0= 19. 1+9= Ruling Number 10

Hidden meaning of Numbers

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0 – Zero is symbolic of chaos. It is potential. In the Tarot deck The Fool is zero and symbolises everyman/woman. If the Fool wishes to know anything about the mysteries of life s/he must go on a journey of self discovery.


1 – One is symbolic of the divine made manifest. It is not a Ruling Number because Pythagoras regarded it as sacred.

2 – Indicates duality: male and female, body and soul, heaven and earth. People with two as their Ruling Number are loyal, supportive team members. They prefer being in partnership. They are emotionally sensitive and intuitive.

3 – Is the gateway to the mental plane. People born with three as their Ruling Number have an excellent memory. They are intelligent and quick witted. They excel at planning, analysing, communicating, and are adept with the written word.

4 – Grounded, methodical and with a natural ability to master the practicalities of life, Ruling Number four people enjoy physical expression – creating something tangible, whether a building or an empire – and connecting with nature. However, if they do not live positively they can get captured by the consumer society.

5 –Ruling Number five people are compassionate, highly sensitive free spirits who need the opportunity to explore and express their true feelings to be happy.

6 – Creative, caring, home-loving individuals who are able to balance logic with intuition. Ruling Number six people are highly perceptive with flair and style.

7 – Combines practical action with philosophical insight. Ruling Number seven people make excellent teachers. They are prepared to make huge sacrifices to fulfil their ideals.

8 – Ruling eight people pride themselves on being independent. They are self-confident, strong willed and have plenty of common sense. They are dependable and carry out their responsibilities conscientiously.  They are concerned for the welfare of the sick and helpless.

9 – Ruling nine people are dynamic on the Mind plane: they are imaginative and mentally powerful. They are progressive humanitarians with high ideals: tending to put people before material gain.

10 – Combining one and zero – light and matter or matter animated by spirit – Ruling Number ten people have a wide range of talent and possibilities. They can bring order out of chaos. They can make a success of anything they put their heart and soul into. However, because success comes easily they may not feel the need to master the detail.

11 – Ruling Number eleven people have a gift for spiritual subjects. They are intuitive, refined, highly sensitive and enlightened individuals: it is the first of the ‘Master’ numbers.

22 – Is a Master number combining the intuition and spiritual gifts of eleven with the practical ability inherent in number four, enabling the Ruling 22 person to manifest their visions and ideals in the physical world.

Football Shirt - yourguidinglight.orgThe 9 Year Cycle of Development

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” – Shakespeare, ‘Julius Caesar’

When we reflect on our lives we notice a psychological tide that ebbs and flows through the years. Years of opportunity and initiative are followed by years of learning, consolidation and integration in a predictable sequence. Growth on all levels – physical, mental, spiritual – requires change, the 9 Year Cycle provides the timetable.

To calculate your Personal Year Number and establish where you are in your Cycle add your day of birth number and month number to the numbers in the current year. For example: someone born on the 5th September 1977 would add 5+9 to 2020 (if 2020 was the year in question): 5+9+2+0+2+0=18 = 1+8=9. So their Personal Year Number for 2020 would be 9. 

Personal Year Numbers and their themes

1 – Beginnings: active adjustment to new initiatives with maximum growth on all planes – spiritual, mental and physical.

2 – Opportunities to meditate should be taken as a means to develop emotional control, enhance intuition and psychic abilities.

3 – Mental expansion: there is a renewed thirst for knowledge through study and travel.

4 – A year of consolidation and reflection when material concerns come to the fore: the physical world requires your attention and invites you to apply your understanding.

5 – Spiritual/emotional aspects come to the fore with heightened psychic awareness. There is a need to break free from restrictions that would limit self expression.

6 – A mini peak year when an accumulation of mental energy seeks a creative outlet. There is a heightened urge to bring balance into everyday life and see things in perspective.

7 – Similar to year 4. This is a trough year, a low energy point in the cycle, that invites review, reflection and restructuring where necessary. Major initiatives are best avoided otherwise losses are likely. Opportunities to teach should be taken as a means of learning through sharing experiences.

8 – The urge to make changes that bring joy and align with one’s soul purpose begin to stir and take hold as the year progresses. The temptation to ‘follow the crowd’ is resisted. There is growth in understanding and self awareness.

9 – Peak year of change: settling debts, completion of projects, clearing the way for new initiatives. Focus on the future.

Numbers and your Name

“When I use a word it means what I choose it to mean”, said Humpty Dumpty to Alice. Well, no, it doesn’t. As Confucius explained, “Social disorder begins with the failure to call things by their appropriate name.” Alice learnt in Wonderland that who controls the definition of words is in control. Advertisers know that the name of a product influences the way consumers react to it. When you learn the true name of something then you know its true quality and meaning, and are able to take back whatever power it has over you. This applies to goods, ideologies, and self-realisation.

Each letter in the alphabet has a numerical value:

1    2     3   4     5    6     7     8    9

A    B    C   D    E    F    G    H    I

J    K    L    M    N   O    P    Q    R

S    T    U   V    W   X    Y     Z

When we are born we are given a name. It has a particular frequency. It is not given by chance, behind the scenes destiny is at work. Your name is meant to help you fulfil your life purpose. The name you are called in daily life, your ‘living’ name, affects your DNA, your psychology, behaviour, and how others react to you.

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