Astro - yourguidinglight.orgAstrology makes its first appearance in the historical record around 2000BC in Mesopotamia, roughly where Iraq is. However, according to some Mystery Schools the history of astrology dates back much further, some 7,000 years to mythical Atlantis. Esoteric tradition holds that the Atlantean culture was advanced in both occult and material sciences. Having fore-knowledge of the imminent destruction of their continent the wisdom-keepers set sail for other parts of the world taking their astro-religion with them. The scholarly view is that Hellenistic astrology (modern, western astrology) is based on a text written by Hermes Trismegistus, with later additions by King Zoroaster and the Persian priesthood. However, throughout the Middle Ages astrology went underground due largely to sustained attacks by the Catholic Church. Whilst its popularity has revived, as it did between the 15th and 17th centuries when John Dee was Queen Elizabeth’s astrologer and Nostradamus advised Catherine de Medici, Queen of France, there is still a collective subconscious echo of prejudice.

Astrology has changed through the Ages but it has always been concerned with fate, destiny and the evolution of consciousness. There are three main features to a horoscope: the planets, the zodiac signs, and the houses. The planets represent particular psychological urges and motivations to do something. The signs represent twelve ways of being. Houses show the specific areas of life where being and doing take place. In other words the planets show what is happening, the signs show how it is happening, and the houses show where it is happening.


Astrological Houses -

1 Me

The first house is where your sense of being is focused.

2 Having

The second house concerns your values: what you value about your self including character traits and your body image. It also concerns the value you place on material possessions, including money.

3 Reason

The third house covers the logical mind. It concerns ideation, thinking and communication. It also is associated with shorter journeys.

4 Home

Is where we live. Where the heart is: the roots of being: the Soul. It also refers to your concept of Mother/Father.

5 Creativity

Is where we find joy in being; in expressing our creative urge, in sport, in art, in recreation; our creative works may be producing works of art or producing children.

6 Service

The sixth is concerned with work, earning a living, and physical and mental health. This is where experiences to enable the alchemical link between the body and mind are located.

7 You

The seventh house concerns other people and how you relate to them on a one-to-one basis.

8 Not having

The eighth house is about learning to let go. It also concerns your dealings with other people’s resources, including money. Transformative experiences also reside here, including sex and the ultimate in letting go: death.

9 Vision

The opposite house to the third also concerns the mind but its more abstract, philosophical side: including faith, religion and higher education. It also concerns travel but in this case longer journeys: both in the physical and metaphysical realms.

10 Career

The tenth is where we make our mark in the outside world. It is concerned with ambition and achievement. It also refers to your concept of Father/Mother.

11 Idealism

Is where humanitarian causes are located; where issues of liberty and equality of opportunity reside. It is concerned with networks, friendships, socialisation and communal endeavours.

12 Sacrifice

The twelfth is concerned with the metaphysical, with the auric body, and the subconscious mind. It is where a sense of completion and oneness with the universe can be found.



Planets Chakras -


In the horoscope the Sun is symbolic of your authentic self. It corresponds with your spiritual journey: the lessons you have incarnated to learn, the types of experience you will encounter, the contribution you intend to make to the evolution of consciousness and the well being of the planet. It shows your future self: the individual you are becoming.


In the horoscope the Moon is symbolic of the personality. It corresponds with your emotions and habits, both good and bad. It speaks of your past and what you have inherited, subconsciously, from your family lineage.


Corresponds with thought, with logic and the reasoning power of the mind. It affects the nervous system and forms your sense of reality.


Corresponds with feelings, with your likes and dislikes. It shows how you relate socially and how you prefer to relax. Venus is associated with love and beauty – the two great attractive forces in the universe.


Is associated with courage and self assertion. It corresponds with physical power and bodily strength. Mars is desire whilst Venus represents the desired.


Inspires optimism, mental expansion, vision, faith and adventure. It is associated with the truth seeker. It is associated with beliefs: which can be good but are usually limiting.


Is concerned with spiritual evolution. It is the cosmic teacher: its primary lesson is ‘you reap what you sow’. Growth in understanding is won by overcoming tests and challenges. Saturn is also known as ‘The Lord of Karma’.


Beyond the level of understanding won by Saturn is the wisdom of Uranus. Uranus is also known as the Awakener: unexpected events and bolts-out-of-the-blue cause the personality to question itself and seek its higher purpose. Enlightenment can come in a Uranian flash of light.


Is a focus for dreams and mystical experiences. Neptune is associated with unconditional love and cosmic consciousness: the crowning glory on the Tree of Life.


Is associated with deep and meaningful experiences that bring transformation and change. Pluto is also known as the Lord of the Underworld: the gatekeeper to other dimensions.


Is a minor planet orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus. In the Greek myths he was known as the wounded healer. Chiron in your chart shows your Achilles heel as well as your natural gifts.



Blue Zodiac -

aries Aries the Ram – the 1st sign of the zodiac 

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and coincides with the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. The Aries myth is all about the hero; the Greek tale tells of Jason and the Argonauts who set off in search of the Golden Fleece. This is a story of daring and adventure, very reflective of the Aries nature which is to confront life as if it is a permanent adventure. Aries is a fire sign ruled by the planet Mars, Aries people are known to be courageous, spontaneous and energetic, but can also be aggressive and headstrong.

Key Phrase for Aries: I Am
Colour: Red.
Stones: Ruby and Bloodstone.
Trees: Holly and all thorn bearing trees and bushes.
Flowers and Plants: Geranium, thistle and honeysuckle.

taurus Taurus the Bull – the 2nd sign of the zodiac 

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac and marks the time in nature when roots are spreading and becoming fixed and grounded. Never prone to flights of fancy, Taurus likes to know where things are going before starting out. As an Earth sign they are protective and reliable, but they must beware of becoming possessive. Ruled by the planet Venus they usually have a love of beauty and are often blessed with a creative talent and artistic skills. Taurus is noted for being patient and they can wait longer than any other sign!

Key Phrase for Taurus: I Have.
Colours: Pale blue, green and pink.
Stones: Emerald and moss agate.
Trees: Cypress and Ash.
Plants and Flowers: Daisy, foxglove, rose and violet

gemini Gemini the Twins – the 3rd sign of the zodiac

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, as an air sign they are known as the communicators and social butterflies of the zodiac. The duality of the twins will be expressed in most spheres of the individual’s life. Geminis are versatile, quick-witted and extremely curious and as boredom is their worst nightmare they tend to seek a constant flow of social activities. This is emphasised by their ruling planet Mercury who in mythology was the winged messenger of the Gods. Often this scattered energy stops the Gemini from achieving their goals and they need to learn to focus on one thing.

Key Phrase for Gemini: I Think.
Colour: Yellow.
Stones: Citrine, tiger’s eye, agate.
Trees: Mullberry and all nut bearing trees particularly the walnut tree.
Plants and Flowers: Lilly-of-the-valley and lavender.

cancer Cancer the Crab – the 4th sign of the zodiac

Cancerians are the romantics of the zodiac. This water sign is the sign of sensitivity and compassion and indeed, like the phases of the Moon, their ruler their emotions do fluctuate. The crab possesses a tough outer shell which contains the soft and fleshy body inside, and they can be very defensive at times. Often prone to worrying, they may suffer digestive upsets. Cancer can be tenacious even ruthless when it comes to defending their family and close friends.

Key Phrase for Cancer: I Feel.
Colours: Smokey grey, pale blue and green.
Stones: Pearl, moonstone and amber.
Trees: All trees, particularly those rich in sap.
Plants and Flowers: Honeysuckle, white rose and water lily.

leo Leo the Lion – the 5th sign of the zodiac

Generally the Leo outlook on life is positive, generous and enthusiastic. They are well known for being bold, warm, intelligent and courageous, and are usually natural leaders. Ruled by the Sun and symbolised by the king of the beasts, this fire sign does like to feel important and has a great need to be admired by others. The Leo message is all about embracing personal power and not allowing pride and egotism to overshadow their courage and kindness.

Key Phrase For Leo: I Will.
Colours: Golden yellow and orange.
Stones: Cat’s eye, Ruby and garnet.
Trees: Bay, olive and citrus trees.
Plants and Flowers: Marigold, peony and sunflower.

virgo Virgo the Virgin – the 6th sign of the zodiac

Ruled by Mercury this earth sign has a high level of nervous and physical energy. Keeping fit and paying attention to nutrition and wellbeing is very important for the Virgo temperament. The sign of Virgo corresponds to the harvest time, the time in nature when the wheat is separated from the chaff and indeed Virgo a most efficient and productive sign. The rulership of Mercury brings this sign the gift of analysis and Virgo’s greatest gift is assessing facts and reaching a conclusion. But they must always be aware of being overly critical of themselves and others.

Key Phrase for Virgo: I Serve.
Colours: Brown, navy blue and dark grey.
Stones: Sardonyx, peridot, sapphire and green zircon.
Trees: All nut bearing trees.
Plants and Flowers: Azalea, fern, maidenhair and lavender.

libra Libra the Scales – the 7th sign of the Zodiac

Libra, the sign of the scales, is the only inanimate object in the zodiac. This air sign strives for harmony and balance in all areas of life. Ruled by Venus, goddess of love and beauty, Libra needs to create a pleasing and balanced environment wherever they go. They thrive on harmonious partnerships and happy relationships. Indecision and avoidance of confrontation often present problems and this can make it extremely difficult for Libra to be an individual and to focus on their goals.

Key Phrase for Libra: I Balance.
Colours: Pale blue, green and pink.
Stones: Sapphire, opal, and lapis lazuli.
Trees: Ash, cypress and all vines.
Plants and Flowers: Roses, violets and pastel coloured geraniums.

scorpio Scorpio the Scorpion – the 8th sign of the zodiac

Scorpio is the sign of depth and extremes, most Scorpios are irresistibly drawn by the urge to explore everything that is secretive, concealed or taboo. Scorpio is a water sign and their intense emotions are toughened by the traditional ruler Mars and given and obsessive quality by the modern-day ruler Pluto; as in mythology Pluto was the God of the underworld. Scorpio’s greatest strength is its loyalty and absolute commitment to goals, but with fixed opinions and a reluctance to change they often have to learn to become more flexible.

Key Phrase for Scorpio: I Desire.
Colours: Red, deep purple and maroon.
Stones: Opal, obsidian and smoky quartz.
Trees: Holly and blackthorn.
Plants and Flowers: Rhododendron, anemone and all dark red blooms.

sagittarius Sagittarius the Archer – the 9th sign of the zodiac

The Sagittarian archer is a mythological Centaur and his mission in life is to seek truth and meaning. Once this ‘truth’ has been found the next mission is to proclaim and teach the message. Sagittarius is a fire sign and a tireless traveller, usually finding the journey more important that the actual destination. Jupiter rules this sign and as the largest planet is also known as the planet of wisdom. Sagittarians often lack the subtle approach and frequently jump in at the deep end! They may need to guard against over indulgence.

Key Phrase for Sagittarius: I See.
Colours: Purple and dark regal blues.
Stones: Topaz, amethyst and malachite.
Trees: Oak, lime and mulberry.
Plants and Flowers: pinks and dandelions.

capricorn Capricorn the Goat – 10th sign of the zodiac

Symbolised by the mountain goat, the earth sign Capricorn is known to be practical, hardworking and ambitious. Their mission in life is to work with great resilience and patience and to dutifully complete their tasks. In mythology Capricorn was also depicted as a sea goat, his tail resembling a fish. There is always an emotional side to this sign, but through the rulership of stern Saturn they often find their feelings difficult to express. Care needs to be taken not to become too serious and pessimistic.

Key Phrase for Capricorn: I Use.
Colours: Dark green and brown.
Stones: Jet, turquoise, obsidian and clear quartz.
Trees: Pine and Elm.
Plants and Flowers: Pansies and ivy.

aquarius Aquarius the Water Bearer – the 11th sign of the zodiac

Aquarius is ruled by two planets with totally incompatible natures. Saturn wants order and stability and Uranus wants to tear everything down and start again. The very nature of this air sign confirms that they often want to be seen as being very different from everybody else while actually remaining unchanged themselves. The sign of Aquarius symbolises the water of life and shows the ability of this sign to spread new and exciting ideas upon mankind. Inspirational and innovative Aquarians often have to guard against becoming too aloof and emotionally detached.

Key Phrase for Aquarius: I Know.
Colour: Electric blue.
Stones: Amethyst, jade and aquamarine.
Trees: Aspen and beech.
Plants and Flowers: Orchids and golden rain.

pisces Pisces the Fishes – the 12th sign of the zodiac

As a water sign and the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces is the most susceptible to outside influences. They are often eager to escape from the harsh realities of this world as the dual rulership of this sign confirms. Jupiter rules religion and faith and Neptune rules illusion and mysticism. It is often difficult for the Piscean to achieve material success because, as the symbol suggests, they feel pulled in opposite directions. Although they might find it difficult to achieve a sense of self-identity they have boundless empathy, are deeply sensitive and have a great affinity with fantasy and colour.

Key Phrase for Pisces: I Believe.
Colours: Soft sea green and blue.
Stones: Turquoise, pearl, rose quartz and aquamarine.
Trees: Willow and fig.

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