What does 2022 have in store for us?

A brief overview of the Astrology and numerology for the year ahead

(Notes for a talk given to Soul Solutions on Monday 17th January 2022). Alan Ayre and Christine Chalklin.


Before we consider the astrology of 2022 we should consider the start of the decade. 2020 had many astrological signatures that pointed to major changes. Especially the close conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, both in Capricorn signifying the strict controls (lockdowns) that were about to come into force over the next few month as the pandemic got underway. Mercury and Jupiter, also in close conjunction in Capricorn could have given us an idea of how free speech and alternative viewpoints would be blocked and censored over the coming year and beyond. The biggest and most relevant pointer came with the almost exact conjunction of the moon (the people) with Neptune the planet of deception in Pisces. After pushing fear and panic out to the people, mass hypnosis was about to get underway.

The past 2 years have been really difficult for most people as normal life has been turned upside down. As 2022 begins we intuitively feel that there is a shift and that at last things will start to get better. This year, with all the 2’s (see the numerology) has an entirely different flavour to it. The chart drawn up for the 1st of January in London shows the continued governmental authoritarian restrictions on public freedoms, to varying degrees this impacts the whole world. The Sun, Venus, Pluto and Mercury are in Capricorn, but the main differences for this year are that the moon (the people) and Mars, the dynamic planet of action, are working together in the truth-seeking sign of Sagittarius. This conjunction is indicating that the people will assert their rights. They will probably not take what the experts say at face value and do their own research. As we see more world-wide government corruption coming to light we know that this year our main aim is to fight for the Truth. Jupiter, the largest planet and the bringer of Faith and good fortune is now in mystical Pisces, journeying towards a powerful conjunction with Neptune in April (Neptune has been in Pisces since 2011). This transit has the potential to propel the majority into a more compassionate, empathic and forgiving society. However this configuration also supports Virtual Reality with separation from social contacts and the natural world. Rigid Beliefs projected by government sponsored media outlets tend to have us believe we are fated to be at war with one another, of course we are not, and this perspective will fall away in 2022 as we create more opportunities for healing.

Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces suggest an even stronger appreciation of true, natural healing and for new alternative and conventional breakthrough therapies to emerge, most importantly these new forms of healing will not be dependent on Big Pharma. We will see an explosion of the creative arts, enhanced healing modalities – through colour, music and sound, an intensified focus on magic, channelling, psychic phenomena and spiritual development.

Pisces is a water sign ruled by Neptune, the Master of the Oceans. Jupiter expands this power, suggesting that there will also be an enormous emphasis on water in all its forms – too much in some places and not enough elsewhere.

With Saturn (control) in Aquarius continuing to challenge Uranus (freedom) in Taurus, 2022 will also be a year of escalating tensions between the old guard and fanatical radicals from every ideology. We must come to terms with the shadow side of capitalism (see numerology), which has led to countless people being excluded from social privileges.

Jupiter will enter Aries on May the 20th (remaining there until October 28th) this volatile energy can be emotionally explosive or it can be used positively for pioneering innovative ideas that may have been formulated during the first months of the year. Warlike Mars joins mighty Jupiter in Aries in the 25th of May – watch out for fireworks?

A Cosmic rebirth for the USA is scheduled for 22. 2. 2022, as the planet Pluto returns to its birth position for the American nation. Returning to 27 degrees of Capricorn, the position it held on the 4th of July 1776, this event will concern revelations, deep hidden secrets, and changes in the financial system, capitalism, laws, leaders and all things concerning the government. It signifies transformation which is often accompanied by social unrest.

February 2nd ushers in the Chinese New Year; 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger. On a personal level, Tiger year denotes strength, growth and vitality, all qualities that will stand us in good stead as we look to move past all the uncertainty of the past 2 years. The water element is connected to being sensitive, creative and open to change and although there may still be many challenges ahead, on the whole 2022 is the year for positivity and bold action.


There are 3 ways we can analyse the numbers for the year ahead:

  1. How the year impacts each one of us, individually. For that you need to know your Ruling number and where you are in your 9 year cycle of growth and spiritual development (read more here)
  2. How will the vibration of 2022 affect the collective subconscious
  3. How does the year fit in the Grand Plan, in the evolution of human consciousness
    One of the building blocks of reality is number: the stars and the astrological planets all have their unique number and if you know your Ruling number you know how the planets will impulse you, then you can choose how to react, to consciously work with the cosmic tide.

Hidden meaning of the numbers
2 – There is a powerful emphasis on 2ness this year. It’s the number of the Moon, which rules the night, and affects our emotional/astral body. It is a reflector of our feelings. It has a bright side and a dark side. It is yin to the solar yang. The Moon rules the astrological, Water, sign of Cancer and is exalted in Venusian Taurus. It influences the tides. It is receptive, mystical and in magical circles was initially considered to be in the service of Venus (the desired), with which it has a close relationship.
6 – The 3 twos add up to 6, the number of Venus. Venus rules love and money, what most folk desire. She rules earthy Taurus and the thoughtful, Air, sign Libra. Contrary to appearances, perhaps, Venus is a Mind plane number: what we think we become especially if you hold that thought long enough and load your words with the emotional energy of the Moon. Then you are working magic: whether you know it or not!
0 – Zero is potential.

It is worth taking a moment to draw the numbers to get a better feel for their vibration:
2 – draw the horizontal line from right to left – the horizon, then the crescent. You are drawing down the Moon to the Earth plane

6 – draw six then turn it upside down. Now you have the number 9, the number of Mars and complement of Venus. Desire and the Desired.

So it’s going to be an emotional year. What you feel deeply you will create so it will be good to control your thoughts and feelings. Rise above the collective hypersensitivity, probably emotionally unbalanced energy of the year. People are more likely to be influenced by having their emotions tossed about than by logic and reason. The unawakened will be most Impressionable.

It is important to connect with your essential self. Rise above personality. Research and question everything. It’s a good year for spiritual studies, increasing self-knowledge, awareness of subtle energies, dragons, ley lines, ETs and for meditation. Realise the Truth of who you really are and what maybe holding you back, stopping you fulfilling your soul purpose (maybe read The Full 50 Centimetres!).

Remember every waxing Moon cycle is creative, and you can let go of unhelpful habits, behaviours and beliefs in waning Moon cycles.

That’s where the Venusian balance of 6 will help bring harmony and wisdom. Creativity and Truth are themes for this year.

Wider context: the Decade
Decades have themes and the first year sets the vibrational tone of what follows. Let’s briefly look at what was seeded into the collective conscious in 2020.

31.1.2020 – Brexit: the UK left the European Union causing an emotional split among the population.
23.3.2020 (close to the equinox an emotionally sensitive time) – First Covid Lockdown.
5.11.2020 – 2nd National Lockdown started on Bonfire night, also known as the Gunpowder Plot: historically and psychologically important. Much has been written about this event and it is not what it appears to be!!
8.12.2020 (total 6 – Venus, day number 8 – Saturn) The first Covid jabs were administered at 6:31am in Coventry (Coven tri), live on TV, to Margaret Keenan and William Shakespeare. A significant date for projecting fear and anxiety. The place and name have occult meaning (alluded to by the choice of actors, local ley lines, and the English Civil War phrase of Sending someone to Coventry). A Spell was being cast.

The Divine Clock and evolution of Consciousness
The Mayan Calendar ended in 2012. Some say it restarts between 2025/30 on a higher spiral.

According to the I Ching (the Book of Changes) there is a great axis point in 2027. Which resonates with some esoteric schools predicting Earth’s alignment in the Photon Band with Pleiades, Sirius and the Galactic Sun. A time when the collective consciousness takes a spiritual leap forward.

On 22.2.2022 Pluto returns to the zodiacal place it occupied in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed. Another significant event in 1776 was the publication of Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations which introduced a new economic idea: Capitalism. Pluto Returns signify endings and beginnings.

Since 2000 a new type of human has been incarnating: for the first time in 1000 years the majority of children will be born with no One in their birth date.

In Numerology one relates to ego, having a strong sense of being an individual. Those with no One need more nurturing, psychological protection, and emotional support until they reach maturity, then their innate spirituality will help usher in a new Golden Age…

A few dates for you diary:
All emotionally charged days for breaking the collective spell, projecting positive intentions, and creating a Truth-Full reality.

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