The Full 50 Centimetres

The Full 50 Centimetres - yourguidinglight.orgThe shortest journey you will ever make – and the longest

  • A self-help book identifying four common reasons people fail to be fulfilled
  • Provides a road map to self-realisation

The Full 50 Centimetres is a guidebook to wellbeing incorporating astrology, numerology and meditation. Written by astrologer and empowerment consultant Alan Ayre, the book has been inspired by a series of meditations and teaches readers how to fulfil their purpose in life.

Without first understanding ourselves we cannot make sense of the world. This book identifies the key barriers to self-realisation and, through a combination of meditation, numerology and astrology, helps us navigate the pathway to a better self.

A useful wellness guidebook, perfect for the uncertain times we currently live in

Alan Ayre
is a Pythagorean numerologist, astrologer, and co-founder of the esoteric consultancy He has spent 10 years researching group dynamics and the astrological composition of high-performing teams. He recorded his insights in two books, The Astro-logic of Winning Football and Football Aims for the Stars and advises widely on the subject. He lives in Pontefract, Yorkshire.

28 January 2021

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